Week Two - Speed Star (2)

  • 5:39PM tab.com.au 515m

  • 6:12PM SPEED STAR 595m

  • 6:46PM SPEED STAR 515m


  • 8:03PM SKY RACING 515m

  • Tie Breaker

  • If two or more tipsters are tied on the same number of points in the $2,500 Top Dog Tippers competition, the judges will award the winner on the "nearest to the pin" in picking the greyhound with the fastest time in the 515m, together with its time.

    NOTE: This tie-breaker does not apply to the $20,000 "Tipping the Card" competition. If two or more tippers successfully select the 20 match winners, the prize money will be shared.

  • The current Speed Star race record is held by Smart Missile, who clocked a clocked a brilliant 29.006 in the first series ran.

    You can view the qualifying times HERE

    Please make sure you enter your time to THREE decimal points