Terms and Conditions

Prize Money

  • Top Dog round weekly winner (May 3, 10, 17 & 24) receives $1,000 (each week).
  • Week 3 (Thurs 10th May – Bill Collins Speed Star night) will feature two special on-course competitions. The highest tipper on the night will win (or share) $5,000 PLUS there’s an additional $25,000 to be shared by any contestant/s who can ‘Tip The Card’, meaning they correctly select the winner of each of the twenty head to head match races.
  • If no participant correctly selects all twenty match race winners on Speed Star night, the $25,000 ‘Tip The Card’ prize will not be awarded.
  • Week 4 (Thursday 24 May – Sandown Cup night) will still feature the weekly winner competition for those who have not qualified, or not attending the Final, with a first prize of $1,000 cash.
  • The top 5% of tipsters for each of the first three weeks will qualify for the final and be invited to a special Cocktail Party on Sandown Cup night (May 24) to compete for the $7,500 Top Dog title.
  • On Sandown Cup night, the finalist with the highest score will win $7,500 cash and be crowned “Top Dog”.
  • To be eligible to win on the final night, contestants must have qualified in one of the previous week rounds, have registered their tips and be in attendance on course.
  • All dollar figures ar expressed in Australian dollars.


The Rules

  • Registration and entry into the competition is free.
  • There will be four rounds of tipping, with individual prizes awarded for each week and tips to be reset after each meeting. In each round entrants may submit their tips for each nominated race by selecting their winning tip selection from the drop down box.
  • Tips must be entered online at topdogtipping.com.au no later than 6pm on the night of each meeting (3rd May, 10th May, 17th May and 24th May).
  • Participants will be required to re-enter their details to register before submitting their selections each week.
  • Selections must be submitted online via www.topdogtipping.com.au.
  • At the discretion of the organisers, an online or offline facility may be available on course on race nights to enter selections up to 15 minutes prior to the first race.
  • Tips will be entered on all races each week (or other variations as selected by SGRC, including individual match races on SpeedStar night). Results are determined by the official placings once ‘all clear’ has been declared.
  • Points will be awarded as follows – 5 points if the selection wins, 2 points if the selection runs second, 1 point if the selection runs third. Each Speed Star match win will allocate 1 point, with 5 points for selecting the overall winner of the Speed Star event.
  • In the event of a dead heat, points will be awarded as follows – for equal first – 3.5 points each (and no second place, then 1 pt for 3rd), for equal second – 1.5 (and no third place points), for equal third – .5 points (no more than a total of 8 points per race).
  • Points do not accumulate from week to week ie, each week’s point score is independent of the others – so you start with a clean slate each week !
  • No points shall be awarded in the event of a no race or abandonment.
  • If a selection is scratched prior to official scratching time, the entrant shall receive the reserve that is drawn as its replacement. If a selection is scratched after scratching time (and therefore is not replaced), there will be no selection in the race.
  • The weekly winner will be determined by the total number of points achieved. In the event of a tie amongst contestants, a first count back involving the most individual winning selections, then second place selections then, if necessary third place selections. If still tied, the prize will be divided equally.
  • If on Sandown Cup night the finalists are still tied after the first count back, then the highest place selection in the Sandown Cup will determine the result (regardless of the finishing position). If still tied, then highest placed selection in race 7, then race 6 if necessary, then race 5 and so on until a separation occurs (by a different selection in one of the races). .. if still tied after all races, then the result will be declared a tie and the prize will be divided.
  • In order to be eligible for the on-course prizes (the $5,000 best tipper on Speed Star night, the $25,000 bonus for tipping the card on Speed Star night and the $7,500 final winner on Sandown Cup night), participants must submit their tips online at topdogtipping.com.au AND personally register their name on course at the designation registration table prior to 8pm.
  • Weekly $1,000 prizes do not require the participant to be on-course.
  • All prize winners will be contacted by Sandown Greyhound Racing Club staff using the contact details provided upon registration.
  • All times stated are references to the local time zone in Melbourne, Australia.
  • All tippers’ contact details may be used in future correspondence by Sandown Greyhound Racing Club, Greyhound Racing Victoria or their partners for the purpose of electronic communication of racing events or promotions that may be of interest. Tippers can opt out by unsubscribing from email campaigns or replying STOP to any SMS marketing.




  • Tippers must be 18 years of age or over.
  • Finalists from each week are eligible to compete and win in the following week’s round, however they will only receive one entry to the Final, and one ticket to the cocktail party.
  • The competition is restricted to one entry per person, per week. If an entrant is found to have entered multiple times, all of that persons’ entries shall be disqualified.
  • Each entry must have it’s own unique email address. Multiple entries using the one email address will not be allowed.
  • Employees, directors and their immediate families of Greyhound Racing Victoria and the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club are ineligible to enter.
  • All winners must complete an identity verification process to the satisfaction of the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club before any winnings will be distributed. If a participant is found to have registered more than once in the competition, Sandown Greyhound Racing Club reserves the right to refuse to grant prizes.
  • Sandown Greyhound Racing Club shall be the sole arbiter of disputes arising from these conditions.
  • Sandown Greyhound Racing Club reserves the right to vary or amend any of these terms or conditions at any time without notice.
  • As a condition of entry, each entrant agrees that they may be contacted via email, phone or SMS for the marketing purposes of Sandown Greyhound Racing Club, the GRV or associated clubs. You may opt out at any time.